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Cambrils Transport: Getting Around in Cambrils: Buses, Taxis, Bikes and Trains

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The Train Station in Cambrils
The Train Station in Cambrils
Cambrils sits at the centre of the Costa Daurada and has a variety of transport options in and out of town. Unfortunately, there are not quite as many transport options once you are in Cambrils itself. If you simply need to get around to the different parts of Cambrils you will rely on the odd bus, taxis or hire bikes. However, you should find that there are enough options to get by.

This page provides details for the transport around Cambrils: buses, taxis, the tourist train and hire bikes. It also provides details for the public transport options going in and out of Cambrils: trains, buses and taxis. Each section provides the location for the mode of transport, details of where it goes to and links to detailed information on prices, times etc.

Private Transfers to / from Cambrils

More Information Private Transfer from Reus Airport to / from Cambrils

Trains in Cambrils

There is a small train station in Cambrils, offering the opportunity to take day trips from Cambrils to other parts of Catalunya and beyond. Cambrils is too small to warrant having a train line that goes to various parts of town, however the train station can be useful for getting to places including Salou, Port Aventura, Tarragona and Barcelona. If you are looking to travel further afield, it is best to check the cities that the train heads to and whether you can get connecting trains from there.

For details on how to get to Port Aventura on the train from Cambrils, check our Guide to Day Trips from Cambrils.

For details on how to get to Tarragona or Barcelona on the train from Cambrils, check our Guide to Excursions from Cambrils.

To check the options for destinations from Cambrils train station, plus train times and prices, it is best to see the Official Renfe Website.

Cambrils Train Station
Avenida Verge de Montserrat
43850 Cambrils, España.

Tel: Renfe: +34 91 232 0320

Car parking

Car Park Car Parking Near To Train Station

Buses in Cambrils

All of the buses in and around Cambrils are provided by two companies - Alsa and Plana. There are two bus lines that run around Cambrils - one servicing the west side of town and the other servicing the east. There are also buses that leave Cambrils coach station to out of town destinations.

Buses around Cambrils

There are two buses that operate in Cambrils - one services Cambrils West and the other services Cambrils East. The Cambrils East bus is called Line 1 and it journeys from the town centre - the marina, to an area called Mas Clariana and then back into the town centre. The Cambrils West bus is called Line 2 and it journeys from the town centre to an area called Cambrils Mediterrania and then back into town.

Both buses can be caught outside the Cambrils Town Hall (Cambrils Ajuntament in Catalan). Each bus service runs six times per day. The bus timetable are subject to change, so, to find out the bus times, it is best to check the Official Cambrils Tourist Office Website.

Cambrils Ayuntamiento
Plaza de l'Ajuntament, 4
43850 Cambrils, España.

Car parking

Car Park Car Parking Near To Ayuntamiento Bus Station

Buses to other parts of Catalunya

The Bus Station in Cambrils
The Bus Station in Cambrils

It is possible to catch buses from Cambrils to Reus, Salou, Tarragona, Miami, Hospitalet de l'Enfant, Zaragoza, Huesca, San Sebastian, Santander, Berga and Lerida. These destinations are dealt with by different companies, all leaving from the main coach station in Cambrils (see the address and location below). To find out which bus is going to your desired destination and how to buy tickets for it, call the number below for the bus station in Cambrils. If you have difficultly speaking to somebody at this number (as they may not speak English), it is best to contact tourist information who will tell you exactly what you need to do to catch the bus that you need (for their contact details, see our Cambrils Tourist Information page).

Cambrils Estacio d'Autobusos
Avenida de la Llosa
Cambrils, España.
- on the corner of Avenida dels Paisos Catalans

Tel: +34 97 735 4445

Car parking

Car Park Car Parking Near To Estació de Autobusos

Taxis in Cambrils

It is relatively easy to catch a taxi in Cambrils. If you keep an eye out for the taxis in the street you shouldn't have to wait too long to flag one down. However, in the town centre there are also four taxi ranks where you can go to pick up a taxi. Alternatively, you can call one of the three taxi numbers below and ask them to come and pick you up.

Taxi ranks in Cambrils:

  1. Rb del Regueral (on the corner of Avenida Diputacio)
  2. Passeig de Joan Baptista de la Salle (on the corner of Calle de Gracia)
  3. Avenida de la Llosa (on the corner of Avenida dela Paisos Catalans)
  4. Calle de la Verge de Montserrat (on the corner of Calle de Tarragona)

Taxi Companies in Cambrils:

Radio Taxi
Tel: +34 97 736 2622

Radio Taxi Cambrils
Tel: +34 97 736 3323

Tel: +34 97 779 2010

Tourist Train in Cambrils

For a more exciting way of getting around Cambrils, and one that is sure to keep the kids happy, why not consider taking the tourist train? This small green toy train is, in fact, more like a long car that winds through the streets of Cambrils - the type that you would expect to see in a theme park. It has open sides and a roof, making it the perfect place to view the town from on a hot summers day. The train takes a journey that lasts about 40 minutes around some of Cambrils most interesting and popular areas (see below for the route).

Tourist Train Ticket Prices
SIngle ticket:

Adults: €4.00
Children: €2.00

Tickets can be purchased from Cambrils Tourist Information (see our Cambrils Tourist Information page for the address and opening times) and this is where the train leaves from. Prices and times will vary from year to year, so it is best to check the Official Cambrils Tourist Office website for these details.

The route of the Cambrils Tourist Train:

  1. Cambrils Tourist Information
  2. Cambrils Museu Moli de les Tres Eres
  3. Cambrils Museum of Agricultural
  4. Cambrils Old Town
  5. Parc del Pinaret
  6. Estela Falç (sickle sculpture) at the gate to Cambrils old town
  7. Plaza de Carles Roig in the old town
  8. Torre I Ermita de la Mare de Deu del Cami
  9. Passeig de Miramar in the marina

Bike Hire in Cambrils

Bike Cambrils (Bike Hire)
Bike Cambrils (Bike Hire)

Biking is a very good option for getting around Cambrils. Due to the size of the town walking can often seem a little too time consuming and getting the bus can feel lazy! So hiring a bike could provide the perfect solution. You are in a position to make your way easily down the beach front (where there is a bike lane for the entire 7km stretch) or between the marina and the old town.

There are three companies offering bicycle rental in Cambrils. For listings of these with contact details, see our guide to Cambrils bicycle shops.

Tip Cambrils' location at the heart of the Costa Daurada means that it is a good place to act as a base for a holiday exploring the delights of the region. If you plan on doing a lot of travelling it may be worth considering hiring a car. There are no car rental companies actually in Cambrils itself but there are lots to choose from at Reus Airport and in Salou. For details with contact details and locations see our Guide to car rental in Cambrils.

Cambrils is located at the very heart of the Costa Daurada, making day trips to the surrounding region an antidote to one too many days on the beach. Cambrils in itself also has a lot to offer and is worth exploring. Get to grips with the various transport options in Cambrils prior to your trip and you should find it easy and affordable to make your way around the town and beyond.

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