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Cambrils Shops: Clothes, Boutiques, Markets and Florists in Cambrils, Costa Daurada

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Desigual Clothes Shop in Cambrils
Desigual Clothes Shop in Cambrils
Whether you are looking for beach toys for the kids, a classy outfit to wear to dinner or gifts to bring home to family and friends, you are likely to be able to find what you are looking for in the shops in Cambrils.

Cambrils is a tourist town, ensuring that it caters for holiday makers eager to spend some of their well-earned holiday savings. You will find a high quality of shops in the area, as well as two markets that will give you a taste of traditional Spanish life.

This page provides short descriptions of the main categories for shopping in Cambrils: clothes shops, boutiques, flower shops and markets. It also provides links to more detailed pages where you can find opening time information and information on what is on offer.

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Clothes shops in Cambrils

El Vestidor Clothes Shop in Cambrils Old Town
El Vestidor Clothes Shop in Cambrils Old Town

Cambrils has a wide array of clothes shops for men, women and children. A large percentage of the clothes shops that are available are independent, allowing you to find something different and original to wear during your stay. Most of the clothes shops can be found in the port and promenade area, with a spattering also in the old part of town.

For details of the clothes shopping in Cambrils, including opening times and descriptions of what is on offer, head to our page on clothes shops in Cambrils.

Markets in Cambrils

The Market in Cambrils Old Town
The Market in Cambrils Old Town

Cambrils has two markets that take place in the old town area: the general market and the antiques market. These two markets are very different - the general market offering practical goods and low prices, the antiques market offering an opportunity to find something special to bring home as a memento of your trip. The general market takes place weekly and the antique market takes place monthly in the winter and weekly in the summer, so be sure that you set some time aside to fit these markets into the schedule of your trip.

For details of the Cambrils markets with information on what is available and details of opening hours, see our page on the markets of Cambrils.

Boutique Shops in Cambrils

A Jewellery Boutique in Cambrils
A Jewellery Boutique in Cambrils

Cambrils has its fair share of boutiques - with the number of independent shops far outweighing the number of chain shops. In both the port area and the old town you will find shops selling jewellery, books, artisan chocolates, shoes and art. It is a joy to enter these shops and meet the proud owners who are happy to chat to the tourists and eager to tell you about what they have to sell.

For details of the Cambrils boutiques, with information on what is available and details of opening hours, see our page on the boutiques of Cambrils.

Tip If you are heading to the boutique shops it is important to remember that their opening hours can often be subject to everything from the season to the whim of the owner. As a rule of thumb, it is best to head for these shops outside of siesta time (14:00 - 17:00), but also be braced for disappointment if the shop that you were hoping to visit is not open. If you see a shop that's open and that you like the look of, it is worth taking a look whilst you're there rather than planning to re-visit it at a later date- this being said, during the summer months, you will find that a lot of the shops are open for long hours.

La Ginesta Florist, Cambrils
La Ginesta Florist, Cambrils

Florists in Cambrils

Cambrils is home to a grand total of eight florists. This will ensure that you have the opportunity to buy some flowers for any occasion when they may be necessary whilst you're away. You will also find that some of these should provide Interflora services, incase you need to send some flowers to a loved one back home. For listings of flower shops in Cambrils, see our florists in Cambrils page.

Photos of Shops in Cambrils

To get an overall feel for the shopping opportunities in Cambrils, it is worth checking out our photo tour of shopping in Cambrils.

If you're dying to spend some money during your break to Cambrils, you won't need to go far to find the opportunity to do it. Whether you are a fan of old antiques, designer clobber or independent art, you will find something to suit your tastes and needs.

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