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Cambrils Boutiques: Independent Shops in Cambrils, Costa Daurada

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Boutique Shopping in Cambrils Old Town
Boutique Shopping in Cambrils Old Town
Cambrils is a town that offers a far larger selection of unique and independent small shops than chain shops. This ensures that it is a very pleasant place to take a stroll around the streets of the old town and the marina area, meeting proud shop owners and picking up gifts to bring back for your friends, or perhaps just for yourself! Cambrils has shops selling books, ornaments, shoes, jewellery and everything in between. This page provides details of the types of shops available in Cambrils.

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What types of boutique shops are available in Cambrils?

For a small town, Cambrils offers an impressive selection of shopping opportunities. You will be able to find a wide array of boutique shops in Cambrils, often offering a very high quality of product. There are clothes shops for all ages, that should suit those looking for something more young and trendy, as well as those in search of something more conservative. There are a handful of jewellery shops, covering everything from designer jewellery to more affordable trinkets to bring home to friends. There is also a large bookshop at the heart of the marina area. There are a wide selection of art shops - in keeping with the slightly bohemian nature of the area.

Where to head for the best boutique shops in Cambrils

Shopping Along Cambrils Promenade
Shopping Along Cambrils Promenade

There are two main areas to head to in Cambrils to find the largest selection of boutique shops: the port and the old town.

Cambrils' old town offers a wide selection of independent shops where you can find clothes, chocolates, art and jewellery. It is best to head for some of the largest streets in the old town such as Calle de la Corona d'Arago and Calle d'Antoni Gaudí and work your way around these and the streets that surround them.

Cambrils' old town is also home to a co-operative organic food store. This is the place where you can pick up some of Cambrils' famous award winning olive oil. For details of the shop's location and opening times, see our page on attractions in Cambrils.

An equally large proportion of boutique shops in Cambrils can be found in the seaside port area and along the marina promenade. Here you will find a large selection of clothes shops for women, men and children, plus you will also find book shops, jewellery shops and a large selection of souvenir shops. There are options to suit all occasions. It is best to head to the promenade - Passeig de Miramar. If you walk along here and then along Calle del Consolat de Mar, you will find lots of boutique shops to choose from. However, do not just stick to the promenade area. For further options, check the streets leading off from the promenade. This area is a maze of small streets and squares where you will be able to find a whole array of shops.

The opening hours of the boutique shops in Cambrils

Tribu - A Boutique Clothes Shop in Cambrils
Tribu - A Boutique Clothes Shop in Cambrils

The traditional opening hours for shops in Spain is 10:00 - 14:00 and 17:00 - 20:00. Therefore, particularly in relation to the shops in the old town and the boutique shops in the port area, you will find that these are the general opening times (although, after siesta, some opt to re-open at 16:00 rather than 17:00). However, it is also worth remembering that Cambrils is a tourist town. This means that many of the shops will not close for siesta. Especially if you are in Cambrils in July or August, you will find that a lot of the shops stay open all day long - some of them remaining open until 21:00. If there is a particular shop that you wish to head to at a certain time it is best to speak to the owner directly - particularly with the independent shops, they often follow their own set of rules when it comes to opening times.

Photos of Shops in Cambrils

To get an overall feel for the shopping opportunities in Cambrils, it is worth checking out our photo tour of shopping in Cambrils.

All in all, Cambrils is a charming fishing town with a touch of glamour - a vast array of shops to stroll around when you've had enough of the beach. Save up your money and leave some space in your suitcase as you're sure to feel tempted to buy some treats whilst you're away.

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