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La Cua Curta Restaurant in Cambrils: Review of Fondue Restaurant on the Costa Dorada, Spain

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La Cua Curta Restaurant
La Cua Curta Restaurant

La Cua Curta is one of the most unique restaurants in Cambrils. In amongst a sea of tourist establishments with large terraces and seafood, it is cosy, warm and serves fondue! As I made my way around Cambrils town centre on a slightly blustery evening, I was instantly attracted to its warm red glow and its twinkling lights hanging in the window. What lay beneath only served to add to the welcoming appeal. The proud owner showed me to my seat and told me that he would do everything that he could to make sure that I had an enjoyable evening. With a twinkle in his eye he handed me a menu that was presented like a letter, inside an addressed envelope. The food options are hearty and affordable, the wine is cheap and the surroundings are quirky.

This page provides a full review of La Cua Curta Restaurant in Cambrils: the sort of food on offer, the service provided, the décor of the restaurantand the prices

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The food at La Cua Curta Restaurant

La Cua Curta's Menu
La Cua Curta's Menu

La Cua Curta is a restaurant specialising in fondues. They offer a meat, cheese and chocolate fondue, all at the same price (see below). Starters on the menu are traditionally Spanish, including meats, pates and salads. If you're brave (I wasn't on this occasion, but definitely will be when I return) you can try their 'surprises' - a starter option that could lead to any number of treats.

I ordered the cheese fondue. It came served with bread and fruits for dipping. The fondue itself had delicious depth of flavour - various cheeses had been blended with a generous helping of white wine and a liberal sprinkling of black pepper. Not an option for the health conscious, but a treat if you are in search of something hearty. The table next to me ordered an impressive looking and delicious smelling duck which came on a small spit with flames underneath, that cooked at the table.

Fondue at La Cua Curta
Fondue at La Cua Curta

After a huge portion of bread and cheese I was unsure as to whether I could handle another course, but the waiter's enthusiasm for the dessert menu was infectious, and I had to try the chocolate cake with raspberry sauce. The cake was homemade, warm and deliciously dense. It contrasted perfectly with the tart and fresh raspberry sauce which had also been made on the premises - a trait which can often be hard to find in Spanish restaurants.

The decor at La Cua Curta Restaurant

If you are looking for minimalist and stark, La Cua Curta is not the place for you. Fairy lit front windows lead into a room with mismatching chairs and chunky marble tabletops. Various artefacts are hung on the red and yellow walls, and the bathroom light switches are operated by turning a quaint clicking dial. The lighting in the restaurant is low and in keeping with the hearty food that is on offer.

The service at La Cua Curta Restaurant

Service at La Cua Curta certainly comes with a smile. When I visited, the two staff who were working in there appeared to be friends - a young man who was possibly the owner and an older lady in stylish clothes who played host and entertained the guests rather than waiting on tables or taking orders. My many questions were answered with enthusiasm and interest and strictly in Spanish. Part of my enjoyment of the evening definitely came from the conversations and jokes that I shared with the people who worked in the restaurant.

On my visit to the restaurant, the unexpected heavy rainfall outside had scared many holidaymakers into staying in their hotels, meaning that it was relatively quiet in the restaurant. However, the enthusiasm and energy that the staff put into everything that they did suggested to me that they could rise to the challenge of a busy restaurant.

In a nutshell

Perhaps not the number one choice for a sunny August lunch in Cambrils, La Cua Curta is the perfect option for a romantic evening meal. Everything about the place is warm and welcoming, from the staff to the decor to the gooey, heady cheese fondue. Not offering the traditional Cambrils cuisine, this is likely to be an option for when you've had your fill of Catalan cooking. But during your stay in Cambrils be sure to find time to take a trip to this quirky and personal gem in the heart of town.

La Cua Curta Restaurant
Plaza Arago, 2
43850 Cambrils, España.

Tel: +34 97 736 4342

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