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Buffet Restaurants in Cambrils: Restaurants for Buffet Food in Cambrils, Spain

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Restaurants in Cambrils
Restaurants in Cambrils

Buffet restaurants are a popular concept in Spain. They could also prove to be the perfect answer to any family quarrels that you might be having about what sort of restaurants to go to - they offer something for everyone. In general they will offer various sections with hot and cold food and salads. Sometimes they have a section where food, such as steaks, is cooked to order. They will have a wide variety of meats and seafood. They will also generally offer a section with a variety of desserts.

In general, in these restaurants you will pay a fixed price on entering the restaurant.

After this you will be free to eat as much as you like and return to the buffet as many times as you can until you are fit to burst! Although, be warned that sometimes in these restaurants they check your bags on the way out to ensure that you haven't stuffed them with enough food to make a picnic for tomorrow's lunch. When you arrive it is worth checking whether drinks are also included in the meal price as this could have a large effect on your final bill.

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Tip Spain isn't particularly well known for catering well for vegetarians. For this reason, a buffet could prove to be the perfect solution if you are struggling to find restaurants that cater to your needs. They will offer a range of salads and other vegetarian options. They will also give you the opportunity to take a look at what you are eating before making your decision, rather than simply having to order and hope for the best.

This page provides a listing of the buffet restaurants in Cambrils: name, address and telephone numbers. It will also let you know if the restaurant offers a 'menu del dia' (a fixed price three course lunch menu) and the average price for this.

Daurada Park Hotel
Carretera N-340 KM 1141
43850, Vinyols
Cambrils, España.


Daurada Park Tel: +34 97 736 0150

Menu del Dia: No

Buffet restaurants aren't to everybody's taste - they can be noisy and busy and you may have to clean up your own plate. However, they also offer an affordable option for eating out in Cambrils. The variety should ensure that everybody in your party can find something that is to their liking. And they could even offer the opportunity to be adventurous in trying some of the local cuisine.

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