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Real Estate in Cambrils - Area by Area Guide: Interview with Local Estate Agents in Cambrils, Costa Daurada

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Engel & Volkërs
Engel & Volkërs
Cambrils is an affluent and exclusive resort on the Costa Daurada. However, various areas with differing property prices within the town make living there a viable option for people with a range of budgets. I spoke to Olga Baranova and German Tubi of the international estate agents Engel & Volkërs. They gave a helpful and useful breakdown of the different parts of Cambrils, area by area.

This page will provide a guide to the various areas with Cambrils: where they are located, the price ranges within the area and a guide to what each area has to offer.

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Could you tell me about Cambrils and its different areas?

The town of Cambrils is made up of lots of different areas. The area that you choose to live in will depend on both your tastes and your budget. Some areas are far more affordable to live in than others. Different areas also offer different characteristics, depending on whether you want a sea view, a mountain view, a modern property or a property with history. In general, the most expensive properties in Cambrils are on what is called the 'first line'. These are the properties that are directly in front of the sea.

Price of Properties on the first line
Per square metre: €4,000 - €5,000

Moli de la Torre area in Cambrils

This is the most expensive area of Cambrils. It is generally populated by people with high incomes who live in the properties all year round. Depending on the quality of the property, houses in this area generally cost  per square metre.

Price of Properties in the Moli de la Torre area
Per square metre: €2,000 - €3,000

Port area in Cambrils

This area is almost as expensive as Moli de la Torre. It was originally the village where the fishermen lived, but it is now a more expensive area. There are lots of flats rather than houses in this area.

Price of properties in the Port area
Three floor flat: €720,000

Old Town area in Cambrils

It is very difficult to find a property in this area of town as it is very small and enclosed. It is generally inhabited by people who have owned the property for their whole lives. Cambrils locals often own these flats and houses.

Vilafortuny area in Cambrils

This area is also considered to be one of the more expensive parts of town. It is a popular choice for people moving from places such as Reus or Tarragona. The properties in this part of town are slightly further from the centre compared to areas such as Moli de la Torre. For this reason, you are likely to get more space, both in the property and in the garden, for your money. The houses in this area tend to be larger and more modern than in La Llosa (see below).

La Llosa area in Cambrils

Many of the properties in areas such as Moli de la Torre and the Port are already taken, so it is harder to find places that are available to buy. The same can now be said for Vilafortuny. Therefore, La Llosa is often a good option for people looking for properties at the moment. It is possible to buy either a plot of land on which to build your own property or a house in this area. It is a popular choice as it sits at the seafront in an area where the beaches are in small and beautiful coves.

El Dorado area in Cambrils

The Engel & Volkërs Team
The Engel & Volkërs Team

This area sits on the road leading from Cambrils to Salou. It is often a popular choice for people who are looking for holiday homes. It is not as easy to find stand alone houses in this area, as a large percentage of El Dorado is made up of apartments. The further along El Dorado that you go, towards Salou the quality of the construction decreases. This area has often been popular with Swiss people.

Price of properties in the El Dorado area
Apartment: €390,000

For more general advice from the team at Engel & Volkers regarding how to buy a property abroad and what Cambrils has to offer, see my Interview with Cambrils Estate Agent on Property in Cambrils - Advice for Overseas Property Buyers.

Cambrils is increasing in popularity as a destination for people to live on the Spanish coast. More and more people are starting to realise that the Costa Dorada offers all of the benefits that the Costa Brava has to offer, but at lower property prices. As was made apparent in the interview, Cambrils offers a wide variety of property options for people of varying budgets and with a range of different priorities.

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