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Interview with Cambrils Estate Agent on Property in Cambrils - Advice for Overseas Property Buyers

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An example of waterfront property in Cambrils
An example of waterfront property in Cambrils
Cambrils is an increasingly popular area to purchase a property. Immigrants from France, England, Belgium, Germany and Russia all flock to the area for its prime real estate. Its idyllic location, quiet surroundings and excellent gastronomic offerings make it a popular location to buy property. The Costa Daurada also offers more affordable property prices than are generally found in the Costa Brava.

I met with property experts Olga Baranova and German Tubi of international estate agents, Engel & Volkërs. They gave me their insider advice on buying or renting a property in Cambrils. This page will cover the property prices in Cambrils, why it is a popular place to purchase property, the sorts of people who are attracted to living there and advice on how to go about buying a property in the area if you are relocating from abroad.

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How does Cambrils compare to the rest of Spain in terms of property prices?

Cambrils property prices would probably be described as 'middle-range'. Property in the area is generally cheaper than properties on the Costa Brava. For example, properties in Cambrils are more affordable than ones of a similar size that you might find in Sitges. This makes the Costa Daurada a viable option if you would like to live in a picturesque seaside location but would like to get more for your money in relation to the size and quality of your property.

See our Real Estate in Cambrils: Area by Area Guide for a more detailed breakdown of property prices in each area of Cambrils.

Why is Cambrils such a popular place to live?

Cambrils is popular largely due to its climate and its location. In general, the weather is pleasant throughout the whole year, with temperatures on average 2 - 3 degrees higher than in Barcelona. The town sits on the coast and has a 9 kilometre stretch of beach. It is an enjoyable place to live for people who enjoy exercise, with a promenade and a cycle path stretching along the whole of the beach area.

In general, Cambrils attracts a different crowd to the neighbouring Salou. It appeals more to families and older couples who have more disposable income and enjoy a quieter lifestyle. As well as being popular with people from abroad, it is also a destination for people from areas such as the neighbouring Tarragona, Reus and Barcelona. Many Spaniards come to Cambrils on a Sunday to sample the cuisine - Cambrils has a reputation for offering the best cuisine on the Costa Daurada.

Also, Cambrils does not just offer a seaside location it is also surrounded by beautiful mountains. This means that there are properties that are available with mountain views, as well as those offering sea views.

What sort of people generally come to your business looking for properties in the area?

The homes are split approximately 50:50 between holiday homes and homes that people live in all year round. It can often be a popular place for both people from abroad and Spaniards to retire to. We are an international estate agents, making us popular with an international clientele. Belgians, Germans, Swiss, English and Russians all come to our office, asking us to help with finding then a suitable place to live in Cambrils.

What advice would you give to people looking for a place to live in Cambrils?

Our number one piece of advice would definitely be to seek advice from the experts. If you use a company such as ours to buy your property, we can deal with all aspects of the job for you. We will cover everything from finding you a lawyer and liaising with the lawyer, to working with the banks, to getting any necessary paperwork organised with the town council, to finding a suitable nursery or school for your children. A company such as ours will guide you from the moment that you start to look for a property to the moment when the keys are handed over. Working with professionals will also cost you no extra money as our commission is paid for by the homeowners rather than the home buyers.

What are the first practical steps that should be taken for somebody wishing to purchase or rent a home abroad?

The Engel & Volkërs Team
The Engel & Volkërs Team

The most important thing to do when you are first looking for a property abroad is to make a list of all of the things that are important to you. What parts of Cambrils would you most like to live in? What sort of budget do you have for your property? Would you like to have your own pool or are you happy to share a community pool? Would you prefer to live closer to the sea or to the mountains? Is location or property size more important to you?

Once you have talked all of these issues through with your estate agent, much of the work can be carried out via telephone and email. This makes it possible to go through with the property purchase whilst remaining in your home country until the move.

Cambrils is an increasingly popular and an increasingly exclusive area on the Costa Daurada in which to purchase a property. Help provided through estate agents can help in overcoming a lack of local knowledge of the area or any language barriers - Engel & Volkërs in Cambrils ensure that their staff are multi-lingual. If you are looking for more detailed information on the properties in various areas of Cambrils, see our Real Estate in Cambrils: Area by Area Guide for a more detailed breakdown of property prices in each area of Cambrils.

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