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Cambrils Tourism: Facts and Figures on Tourism in Cambrils, Costa Daurada

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The Beaches in Cambrils
The Beaches in Cambrils

Cambrils is a town that thrives on tourism. Before a trip there, you may find it interesting to take a look at some statistics relating to tourism in the area.

This page provides facts and figures for some of the main elements of tourism in Cambrils. These include: the nationalities of visitors to the area, the availability of various accommodation options in the area and average weather throughout the year in Cambrils.

Visitors to Cambrils

Cambrils is a town known for being popular amongst families and older couples. Those looking for a more lively holiday are more likely to head for the neighboring town of Salou, which is known for its nightlife. Cambrils is popular, almost equally, amongst a Spanish set and an international set.

See below for exact figures relating to which nationalities are most likely to head for a holiday in Cambrils:

Nationalities of People Visiting Cambrils Percentage that they make up of Visitor Group to Cambrils
Spanish 51 percent
French 29 percent
British 22 percent
German 15 percent

Other nationalities of people who come to Cambrils include people from Belgium, Holland and Italy.

Regions of Spanish Visitors to Cambrils Percentage that they make up of Spanish Visitor Group to Cambrils
Catalunya 36 percent
Aragon 23 percent
Basque Country 11 percent

Other Spanish visitors to Cambrils come from regions including La Rioja, Navarre, Madrid and Valencia.

Accommodation in Cambrils

Due to Cambrils' popularity as a tourist destination, it is not short of options for accommodation, whether you are looking for a hotel, an apartment, a bed and breakfast or a campsite. One of the most popular accommodation options for Cambrils is camping - made more appealing by the fine weather and the seaside location. However, hotels and apartments are also abundant in the area. See below for facts and figures relating to the various accommodation options in Cambrils.

Hotels in Cambrils:

In total, there are over 7000 beds in the hotels of Cambrils. See the table below for the categories of hotels in Cambrils and how many beds each category offers:

Category of Hotel Number of Hotels in Cambrils in this Category Total Number of Rooms
4 star hotel 6 1012
3 star apartment hotels 2 339
3 star hotels 9 1502
2 star hotels 6 243
1 star hotels 2 54
2 star bed and breakfast 4 56
1 star bed and breakfast 3 34
Youth hostel 1 20

Amfora D'Arcs Camping, Cambrils
Amfora D'Arcs Camping, Cambrils

Campsites in Cambrils:

Cambrils can accommodate up to 17000 people at campsites. See the table below for the exact figures:

Campsite Category Number of Campsites in Cambrils in this Category Total Number of Pitches Total Number of Bungalows
Deluxe 1 500 250
Second class 4 2439 262
Third class 2 816 31

Apartment rental in Cambrils:

Cambrils can accommodate approximately 6000 people in holiday apartments throughout the year.

For details of the accommodation on offer in Cambrils, with links to detailed listings pages, see our Accommodation in Cambrils Guide.

Weather in Cambrils

Cambril's Sunny Promenade
Cambril's Sunny Promenade

As a popular location for beach holidays, Cambrils naturally has its fair share of sunshine. Depending on whether you are is search of as much heat as possible or are more likely to enjoy a holiday in milder weather, it is worth checking the range of temperatures throughout the year in Cambrils.

Cambrils Tourist Information provided a guide to the highest and lowest temperatures in Cambrils in 2008. This is how they looked (all temperatures are in degrees centigrade):

Month Highest Temperature ( C°) Lowest Temperarture (C°)
January 22.0 -2.5
February 20.6 2.0
February 23.3 2.0
April 25.0 5.6
May 25.6 8.9
June 31.1 13.3
July 31.7 15.6
August 32.2 15.0
September 29.4 11.0
October 26.1 5.0
November 21.1 0.5
December 18.3 -1.0

If you are in search of information relating to the tourist attractions that are on offer in Cambrils, it is worth checking our page on the Attractions in Cambrils.

If you would like to know more about the important dates in the Cambrils social calendar, see our Guide to Cambrils Holidays.

Cambrils is a place to head for a holiday in the sunshine. Now that you know a little more about what Cambrils is all about as a tourist destination, you can decide whether you think that its the place for you.

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