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Cambrils Holidays 2023: Public Holidays in the Calendar Year for Cambrils, Costa Daurada

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The Marina in Cambrils
The Marina in Cambrils

Spain is renowned for its love of saints day celebrations. Cambrils has a number of dates during its year when the locals have a day off and take part in traditional celebrations. On these days you are likely to get a chance to see some local traditions of music, dance and food.

This page provides listings for all of the important public holidays in Cambrils: the Feast of the Three Kings, Saint Anthonys Day, Easter Week, Feast of San Jordi, Saint Peters Day, Mare de Deu del Carme festival, Mare de Deu del Cami festival and the Feast of the Immaculate Conception. There is a description of each event, what activities will be taking place and links to places where you can find further information.

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Tip If you fancy doing a spot of shopping during your stay in Cambrils, you may find that the shops are not open on these public holidays. If you would like to check this nearer the time, it is best to contact Tourist Information in Cambrils (for their contact details, see our Cambrils Tourist Information page).

Feast of the Three Kings - 05 January  - 06 January

This day is officially for the kids. In Spain it is traditional for children to receive their Christmas gifts from the three kings, rather than from Father Christmas. The Spanish children will have written their letters to the three kings telling them what they want. They will then leave their shoes outside their door on the first night of the feast and wait to see what they have been filled with on the morning of the second day.

First day of the feast: 05 January
Second day of the feast: 06 January

In Cambrils this feast is celebrated with the arrival of the three kings on a boat into the Port of Cambrils on the first evening of the feast. This is followed by a parade through the town. This is when the children can give their letters to the kings.

On the second day of the feast the three kings go around the houses of Cambrils giving toys to the children.

Holy Week (Semana Santa) -  02 April - 08 April

Easter Week is celebrated with a procession at the Santa Maria Church on Good Friday.

Easter Weekend (Good Friday, Easter Saturday and Easter Sunday)

Feast of Sant Jordi - 23 April

This is like the Spanish version of Valentines day - a really romantic date to be in Cambrils. The tradition in Catalunya for Sant Jordi (Saint George's day) is that women give men books and men give women roses. For this reason, the streets of the town are lined with stalls selling either roses or books. There is also traditional Catalan dancing, entertainment for the kids and shows.

For a full explanation of this saints day, see our Guide to Sant Jordi.

Feast of the Immaculate Conception -  08 December

Santa Maria Church
Santa Maria Church

This is an important date in the Spanish calendar, and for many, it signals the start of Christmas. The festival begins with High mass at the Santa Maria church. After this, there is a procession and a dance of giants and 'Nanos' (see above for what these are). There is also traditional baton dancing. There are also other activities that take place throughout the day including plays, children's theatre, concerts, a Christmas market, Sardana dancing and art exhibitions.

This is also the day when prizes are awarded for the Vila de Cambrils Painting and Photography Prize. They are awarded by public decision at the Agora Room gallery in the town hall.

On this date there is also an event to commemorate the victims of the Siege of Cambrils in 1640. There is an offering of flowers at the gateway between Carrer Major and Plaça del Setge.

Cambrils is not short of holidays celebrating local, Catalan and Spanish traditions. It is worth trying to be in Cambrils for one of these holidays as they will give you real insight into true Catalan life. The events also focus heavily on providing entertainment for children, so the kids are bound to love the festivals of Cambrils.

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