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Cambrils Bars: Nightlife, parties and places to drink in the centre of Cambrils, Costa Daurada

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Chiringuito Denver Platja, Cambrils
Chiringuito Denver Platja, Cambrils

Cambrils is not typically known for its nightlife. It is a town that is favoured amongst families and older couples, whilst younger couples and groups of friends are more likely to head for a holiday in the neighbouring Salou. However, this being said, Cambrils does offer its fair share of intimate and laid back bars where you can enjoy a pre- or post-dinner cocktail. It also offers a selection of English pubs if you are craving a taste of home from home.

Some of the best drinking experiences in Cambrils can be found in the beach bars, known as 'chiringuitos' - during the summer months they will be open until late at night and they will allow you to enjoy a drink in the open-air listening to the lapping waves.

This page will provide details as to the best areas to head to in Cambrils if you are looking for bars. It provides links to pages telling you where you can go drinking in the surrounding areas, plus location guides to where to find the bars in Cambrils. It also provides listings for some of the best bars in Cambrils.

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Bar Areas in Cambrils

If you are looking for places to go out drinking in Cambrils, it is probably best to head to the marina and promenade area, where you will find a selection of bars that will stay open until around 02:00 or 03:00. However, you can also have a wander around the old town and see what you can find, or head directly to the beach to enjoy a cocktail under the stars.

Chiringuitos in Cambrils

The whole 7 km stretch of Cambrils beach is dotted with chiringuitos. These beach bars are open all day and into the evening, offering both food and drinks. They provide an incredibly picturesque setting for an afternoon vermouth or an evening cocktail. If you are on the beach during the day, it is worth dropping by the local chiringuito to find out what time they stay open until.

For listings of chiringuitos in Cambrils, take a look at our page on chiringuitos in Cambrils.

Marina in Cambrils

The highest concentration of bars in Cambrils are located in the marina and along the promenade area. These include the likes of Siddharta and La Casa del Vermut (see below). Here you can take a stroll down the promenade - Passeig de Miramar, taking a look at the boats as you go, and have a look for a bar to enjoy a drink. A large percentage of these bars will have outdoor terraces, where you can enjoy a drink whilst the sun is shining.

Old Town in Cambrils

The old town of Cambrils is traditionally the place where the fishermen live, so you should be able to find your fair share of drinking dens here! However, expect these bars to be more orientated towards the locals - perfect if you are looking to get a real taste of Spanish life. Head to streets such as Calle de Rovira and squares such as Plaza de Carles Roig and have a look down the side streets that come off of them.

Bars on Avenida Diputacio

If you are in Cambrils during the summer months and are in search of a more lively night out, you can head to the stretch of road that leads along the beachfront from Cambrils to Salou - Avenida Diputacio. This strip is lined with hotels, bars and restaurants - most of which are only open during the summer months. They will stay open until between 03:00 and 05:00 and will be popular amongst a tourist crowd. If you are looking for a lively night out (and you're not wearing heels!), it may be worth taking a walk along Avenida Diputacio and checking out some bars on your way to Salou (see below).

Bars in Salou

If you are in search of a proper night out of drinking and dancing, your best bet is to head to the neighbouring town of Salou. Salou is adjacent to Cambrils, with its coastline sitting at the end of Avenida Diputacio. Depending on where you are staying, you can either walk or get a taxi into Salou from Cambrils. Here you will find a younger crowd, with bars and clubs that stay open all night during the summer months. For full details, see our Guide to Nightlife in Salou.

Tip It is worth remembering that Cambrils is often considered to be the pride of the Costa Daurada when it comes to gastronomy. For this reason, the average night in Cambrils is more likely to focus around a meal in a nice restaurant than drinks in a bar. Therefore, it is worth having a look at the various restaurant options available in Cambrils, on our Cambrils restaurants page.

English bars in Cambrils

There is a selection of English pubs in Cambrils, where you can head to if you are missing your full English breakfast or your pint of bitter. These include the likes of The Mucky Duck. The Queen and The Railway. They will also be good places to head to if you are in search of somewhere to catch that unmissable football or rugby match. For listings of these pubs, see our guide to English restaurants in Cambrils.

Some of the best bars in Cambrils

Cambrils has only a handful of bars, but the selection on offer is of a high standard, with friendly staff and a laid-back atmosphere. Here is a selection on a few of our favourites:

Siddharta Cambrils Bar

This bar has a distinctly exotic feel, with statues of buddhas, an abundance of drapes and cushions on the floor. It is a place to enjoy a relaxed drink both in the winter and the summer months.

Siddharta Cambrils
Paseo Miramar, 9
43850 Cambrils, España.

If you are looking for a wild night out, Cambrils is not really the place for you. However, if you are on a relaxing summer break, you will find a pleasant array of bars in Cambrils to while away the hours.

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