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Cambrils Marina: Photos, Shops, Bars and Restaurants on the Promenade in Cambrils, Costa Daurada.

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The Marina, Cambrils
The Marina, Cambrils
Cambrils is a traditional fishing town - the port was built in 1927 and is home to 43 boats. Thus, it is fitting that the marina should be the very heart of the town - sitting at its town centre. If you come on holiday to Cambrils you will not miss the marina - it is where you are likely to head if you plan to do some shopping, go for dinner or the involved in the water sports.

This page provides an overview as to what you can expect from the marina in Cambrils. There are links to more detailed pages on the Estació Nautico (the home of water sports in Cambrils), the bars and restaurants and a photo tour of the area.

Private Transfers to / from Cambrils

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Photographs of Cambrils Marina

The marina in Cambrils is one of the most picturesque places in the area. This ensures that it is a perfect spot to take some photos in the gorgeous sunlight that bounces of the water. We have provided a photo gallery for the marina area, so that you can have a look at what lies in store.

Estació Nautico in Cambrils Marina

Club Náutic (Estacio Nautico), Cambrils
Club Náutic (Estacio Nautico), Cambrils

If you want to take part in some water sports during your trip to Cambrils you will definitely be making a trip to the Estació Nautico - a building sitting at the end of the marina area overlooking the boats. This is the central hub for all water sports in Cambrils, from fishing to jet skiing. In this centre they will help you to put together bespoke packages of whatever variety of sports you would like to try out.

For details of the Estació Nautico and what they have to offer, check our overview page on water sports in Cambrils.

Bars, Shops and Restaurants in Cambrils Marina

Along the Marina, Cambrils
Along the Marina, Cambrils

The promenade of the marina is called Passeig de Miramar and it is lined with shops, bars and restaurants. Take a stroll along here during the day or the evening and you will find loads to do and endless ways to spend some cash!

For more detailed information on the bars available on the promenade, see our bars in Cambrils page.

If you would like to learn about the shopping opportunities along the promenade, see our page on shopping in Cambrils.

For listings of the restaurants available on the marina in Cambrils, see our Guide to restaurants in Cambrils.

The Marina in Cambrils is a place to take all of the family. Grab an ice cream. Put on your sun screen and go for a stroll.

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