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Cambrils Districts: Detailed Guide to Cambrils Districts and Areas of Cambrils, Spain

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Cambrils has more to it than you might expect. It is made up of a range of districts, ensuring that it is more than just your average beach town. The town is split down the middle by a river - the Riera d'Alforja. The marina and port area sit to the right of the river, whilst the old town sits on its left. If you are looking for restaurant or bar opportunities, you will find a handful of these in the old town and a larger selection of them in the port area.

Areas such as El Raval and L'Eixample in Cambrils are of less appeal to tourists. They are residential areas that offer neither history nor beachside attractions.

It is worth noting that Cambrils is a surprisingly large town. Its beachfront stretches along 7 km of coastline. The two areas of most interest to tourists - the port area and the old town - sit a 1km walk away from each other.

This page will provide a breakdown of the different districts of Cambrils - the port area, the old town, the beaches, the parks, the shopping areas and the areas to head for nightlife. For each area, we will provide a description of what it has to offer, some key streets or landmarks that are of interest in that area and links to more detailed pages.

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Cambrils Port and Marina Area

The Marina at Cambrils
The Marina at Cambrils

Cambrils' port area could arguably be called its town centre, although some locals may argue that the old town is the true heart of Cambrils (see below). The port area sits at the centre of Cambrils' two stretches of beach (see below). The Marina offers a row of seafront restaurants with outdoor seating areas, from where you can take in the sea and watch the boats bobbing in the harbour.

Behind the main strip of the marina - Passeig de Miramar, you will find the largest concentration of shops in Cambrils (see below for more details). This is where you will also find lots of bars and restaurants - the tourist hub of town.

Tip Cambrils is renowned for its gastronomy - often referred to as the food capital of the Costa Daurada. Whilst in Cambrils it is definitely worth checking out one of its top local restaurants to sample some of the traditional cuisine or the seafood. Whether you are looking for a Michelin starred establishment or more of a local family run joint, you are likely to find something that meets your needs - particularly in the marina. Check out our Guide to Spanish restaurants in Cambrils for more details.

Some of the main places of cultural interest in the marina area include the following:

  1. The Far Vermell - a bright red lighthouse that sits on the end of the Moll de Ponent pier.
    The Far Vermell
    The Far Vermell
  2. The Moll de Ponent - a pier that you can walk down to watch the fishermen at work and take in some beautiful views of the town from out at sea.
  3. A Tot Vela
    A Tot Vela
  4. A Tot Vela - the sail shaped sculpture that sits at what feels like the entrance into town.
  5. Nen Pescador - a sculpture of a young boy carrying a basket of fish.
  6. The Torre del Port - an ancient tower that sits at the heart of the marina area.
  7. Eglesia de Sant Pere - a church with a spire that towers over the town.
  8. Plaça de Domingo - a picturesque square with a small rock water feature.
  9. Remandadores - a sculpture of two women sitting on chairs in quiet contemplation.

For more detailed information on each of these areas of interest, see our Guide to the Attractions in Cambrils.

The View from the Pier in Cambrils
The View from the Pier in Cambrils

Tip If you would like to take an early evening stroll, there is no better way to enjoy the salty sea breeze of Cambrils than standing next to the lighthouse at the end of the Moll de Ponent pier. A ten minute stroll to the end of this concrete wall allows you watch the people fishing along the sides, take a look out to sea and see the picturesque marina of Cambrils from afar.

Cambrils Old Town

Cambrils' old town sits about 1km inland, on the left hand side of the Riera d'Alforja river. It is made up of two areas called La Parellada and La Pallissa. To gain the true old town experience, it is worth heading up to the 'Nucli Antic' - the gate to the old town, that allows you to pass through the original walls.

Tip If you are a bit of a foody, you won't want to miss the organic co-operative food shop that shares it premises with the agriculture museum (see below). It is called 'Agrobotiga' and it is the perfect place to buy the town's award winning olive oil (D.O. Siruana Oil).
Opening hours:

Month Day Time
January - December Monday - Saturday 08:30 - 20:30
Sunday 09:00 - 14:00

Some of the main places of cultural interest in the old town include the following:

  1. Torre I Ermita de la Mare de Deu del Cami - a fourteenth century sanctuary and watchtower.
  2. Museu Agricola de Cambrils - Cambril's agriculture museum.
  3. Veremadors - a sculpture of grape pickers that sits outside the agriculture museum.
  4. Eglesia de Santa Maria - a small church in the heart of the old town.
  5. Cardenal Vidal I Barraquer - a statue of a Cardinal that stands outside the church.
  6. Estela Falç - a sculpture of a large sickle that sits just outside the old town walls.
    Estela Falç
    Estela Falç

For more detailed information on each of these areas of interest, including addresses and opening times, see our Guide to the Attractions in Cambrils.

Carrer Major in Cambrils Old Town
Carrer Major in Cambrils Old Town

Tip If you are a fan of all things horticultural, don't miss the Carrer Major. This street is renowned throughout Cambrils for its flower displays and the home owners on this street take pride in their displays.

Cambrils Beaches

One of the Beaches in Cambrils
One of the Beaches in Cambrils

Cambrils has a coastline that stretches for 7 km and offers nine different choices of beach. There is a seafront promenade that runs the entire length of the beach. Running alongside this there is also a bike lane, offering you the opportunity to cycle a picturesque 7km along the seafront. All of Cambrils' beaches have been awarded a 'blue fag' from the European Union - this is a stamp of quality for the beaches.

For a full breakdown of all of the beaches in Cambrils, with details of what facilities there are on each beach, how busy they are and where they are located, see our Guide to Cambrils Beaches.

Tip One of the treats about the beaches in Cambrils is that they nearly all host a chiringuito. Chiringuitos are beach shacks that offer food and shelter from the sun. The chiringuitos in Cambrils are really high in standard, offering well-cooked and freshly caught seafood in relaxed surroundings. For listings of chiringuitos in Cambrils, check our guide to Cambrils chiringuitos.

Cambrils Parks

There are two parks in cambrils - Parc del Pescador and Parc del Pinaret. Parc del Pescador is situated next to Cambrils' marina area and Parc del Pinaret is located just above the old town. They both offer spaces where you can find tranquillity and somewhere different to while away the afternoon.

Parc del Pinaret
Parc del Pinaret
Parc del Pescador
Parc del Pescador

For details of the parks in Cambrils - where they are located, the facilities that they provide and descriptions see our Guide to Cambrils Parks.

Cambrils Shopping

Desigual in Cambrils Shopping Area
Desigual in Cambrils Shopping Area

Most of Cambrils' shops can be found in and around the port area, with some also in the old town. If you are looking to go on a spending spree, head to streets such as Calle de Sant Jordi and Calle de Pau Casals in the marina area and you will not be disappointed.

For details of the shopping opportunities in Cambrils, see our Cambrils shopping guide page. Here you will find links to more detailed pages with information on clothes shops, boutiques, bridal shops and florists in Cambrils.

Cambrils Nightlife

Most visitors to Cambrils head to the neighbouring Salou if they are in search of a night on the tiles. Cambrils is more of a family town that is famed for its restaurants rather than its bars and clubs. This being said, there are still a handful of bars dotted around the port area of town. For more details of these, see our Guide to Bars in Cambrils.

Also, in the summer months (many of the bars and clubs are closed out of season), Avenida Diputació - the long road that runs from Cambrils to Salou has a large selection of bars and clubs.

Cambrils is a town that has a lot to offer. If you are interested in more than just a beach, you should find enough of historical and cultural interest to keep you occupied. Due to the 1km distance between the main two districts - the old town and the beach - if you do not fancy doing lots of walking, it may be worth hiring a bicycle or a car for during your stay.

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