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Cambrils Apartments: Apartment Rental Companies in Cambrils, Spain

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Arbó Group Offices, Cambrils
Arbó Group Offices, Cambrils
There are a grand total of 6 apartment rental companies in Cambrils. Some of these companies will only own the odd apartment in town, whilst the larger companies will own whole blocks of apartments. Apartments are one of the most popular accommodation options in Cambrils, ensuring that you will have a wide variety to choose from. Many of the apartments are located on the beachfront and have a pool.

When choosing your apartment, it is best to make a mental list of the criteria - the factors that are most important to you. Here are a few questions you should consider answering:
Do you want it to have a pool?
Do you want it to be close to Cambrils town centre?
Do you want it to be on the beachfront?
How many people will it need to sleep?
Do you want a kitchen that is good enough to cook in for all of the meals of your holiday?

Once you have your main priorities you can check the company websites or give them a call and help them look for an apartment that is best suited to your needs (most companies will have English speaking employees).

Apartments are often a perfect option if you are looking for affordable ways to go on holiday. They work well for large groups. They also ensure that you can cook for yourselves, as there will generally be a fully-equipped kitchen at your disposal, thus saving money on meals out.

Private Transfers to / from Cambrils

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Tip If you are open to ideas for affordable accommodation, it may also be worth considering some of Cambrils's hotels. We have pages with listings for one star hotels and listings for two star hotels.

On this page you will find links to listings for all of the apartment rental companies in Cambrils. The listing provides the address, telephone number, fax number, official website address and e-mail address of each apartment rental company.

Augustus Cambrils
Avenida Diputacio, 190
43850 Cambrils, España.


Tel: +34 97 738 1154

Apartaments Costa Verde
Avenida Diputació, 169
43850 Cambrils, España.


Tel: +34 97 735 3643

E-mail: [email protected]

Estival Eldorado Resort
Carrer Doppler, 1
43850 Cambrils, España.


Tel: +34 97 736 1190

E-mail: [email protected]

Apartaments Pins Platja
Avenida Diputació, 147
43850 Cambrils, España.


Tel: +34 97 738 5538

E-mail: [email protected]

Apartaments Port Eugeni
Plaza Aragón, 49
43850 Cambrils, España.


Tel: +34 97 736 5261

E-mail: [email protected]

Apartaments Voramar
Avenida Diputacio, 67
43850 Cambrils, España.


Tel: +34 97 736 1517

If you finally decide that none of the apartments in Cambrils appeal, there are a plethora of other accommodation options available to you. Cambrils offers a wide variety of one to five star hotels. There are also a grand total of seven campsites in the area. If you are on the hunt for an affordable option, there are also seven pensiones (like hostels with individual rooms). You can find information and links for all of these options on our Accommodation in Cambrils page.

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