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Cambrils Airport Transfers: Guide to Travel from Reus Airport, Barcelona Airport and Girona Airport

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Entrance to Cambrils
Entrance to Cambrils
There are three airports in Catalunya - Barcelona Airport, Girona Airport and Reus Airport. Of the three, Reus Airport is the closest to Cambrils - it sits only approximately 12 km inland from Cambrils. Barcelona Airport is approximately 100 km north of Cambrils and Girona Airport is about 200km north of Cambrils. It is clear that Reus airport is the most convenient option for a holiday in Cambrils. But if you are flying into one of the other two airports, you will still have transport options available to you.

This page will provide details on how to get to Cambrils from Catlaunya's three airports. Options will be given for arriving by coach, train, car (from Reus Airport) and taxi. I have already written many detailed pages on these topics, so, in some cases, links will be provided to pages where you will find the full detail.

How to get to Cambrils from Reus Airport

How to get from Reus Airport to Cambrils by bus

There is a local bus service that runs from Reus Airport to Cambrils. On leaving the airport it is best to look out for the yellow buses heading to the local areas. The same bus service that runs from Reus Airport to Salou stops firstly at La Pineda, then Salou and then Cambrils. For details of the contact details, prices and running times of the bus service, see our Guide to Transfers from Reus Airport.

How to get from Reus Airport to Cambrils by taxi

The official Reus airport taxis are white and can be found located outside of the arrivals terminal. A taxi from Reus Airport to Cambrils will probably take about 20 - 25 minutes. For details of the taxi service from Reus Airport to Cambrils, see our Guide to Transfers from Reus Airport.

Taxi Fare: €38.00

Driving Route From Reus Airport To Cambrils
(Total Distance 16 km)

Reus Airport To Cambrils Driving Route Map
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At the roundabout take exit onto N-340 leading to Cambrils

Then take A-7

Get on C-14

Tip It may be worth considering renting a car for your time in Cambrils. But not only is Cambrils itself a place with a lot to offer, the whole of the Costa Daurada is a picturesque place to drive around. For details of all of the car rental companies that are available at Reus Airport, see our Car Hire at Reus Airport.

How to get to Cambrils from Barcelona Airport

Despite the 100 km distance from Barcelona Airport to Cambrils, there are still a number of transfer options between the two points. Probably the cheapest and easiest way to get from Barcelona Airport to Cambrils is by direct coach. If you wish to get a train from Barcelona Airport to Cambrils, you will first need to get a train into Barcelona city centre to get one back out to Cambrils.

For details on your various options for transport from Barcelona Airport to Cambrils, see my Guide to Transfer from Barcelona Airport to Cambrils.

If you wish to hire a car to drive yourself to Cambrils from Barcelona Airport, you will find a plethora of car rental companies in both terminal 1 and terminal 2 of the airport. For details of the car rental companies at Barcelona Airport, see me Car Rental at Barcelona Airport.

How to travel to Cambrils from Girona Airport

It is not really advisable to fly into Girona Airport if you are planning a holiday that will be taking place only in Cambrils. Cambrils is located about 200 km south of Girona airport.

If you find that you do need to make the journey from Girona Airport to Cambrils, it is probably best to follow my instructions on how to get from Girona Airport to Barcelona. From there, you will need to follow my instructions on how to get from Barcelona to Cambrils.

Alternatively, rather than rely on public transport, you could choose to hire a car at Girona Airport which you can then use for the duration of your holiday. For details of car hire at Girona Airport see our Girona Airport guide.

Cambrils is a small place, but due to its popularity as a holiday destination, it is well serviced from the airports. If you have not yet booked your flights, your first port of call should be researching flights to Reus - this is Cambrils' closest airport. Once you have arrived in Reus, your public transport options are easy. However, if you have lots of luggage, the airport's close proximity ensures that a taxi ride won't break the bank.

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