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Excursions from Cambrils: Day Trips and Activities Near Cambrils, Spain

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Cambrils is a small town, with enough to keep the whole family occupied for a holiday. However, if you fancy taking the opportunity to see more of the Costa Daurada and Catalunya, Cambrils can act as a good base. It sits in a privileged position, close to areas of interest for wine lovers, history lovers and nature lovers alike.

This page will provide a guide to the places of interest for day trips from Cambrils. These places include Montroig, Reus, Montblanc, Priorat, Tarragona and Barcelona. There is a description of what each place has to offer, plus contact details for the tourist information in that area and options for how to travel there from Cambrils.

Private Transfers to / from Cambrils

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Tip If you are travelling with the kids and are more interested in options that will keep them amused, such as Port Aventura theme park and local water parks, see our Guide to Day Trips from Cambrils.

Montroig del Camp near Cambrils

This picturesque town sits a twenty minute drive inland from Cambrils. It is a popular holiday resort, with many campsites and hotels for holiday makers who wish to be close to the beach. However, it is also an area with places of natural and cultural interest.

The Hermitage of the Mare de Deu de la Roca overlooks the town. It sits on a hill and is surrounded by red stones. It offers a vantage point to see many of the villages of the Costa Daurada.

The town of Montroig is also famous for it's connection to the artist Miró. Miró spent a lot of time in Montroig and many of his works are interpretations of the area. There is a Miró centre located in the Old Town church (for opening times contact the centre directly- below) where you can view copies of his works, with explanations of their relation to the town. At the Miró centre they will also provide information on the 'Circuit Miró' - a route that you can take around the town to view the places and monuments that he depicts in his work.

Tourist Information in Montroig:
Tel: +34 97 781 0978

Centre Miró
Tel: +34 97 717 9158

Cambrils Bus Station
Cambrils Bus Station

How to get to Montroig from Cambrils

There are no trains between Cambrils and Montroig. There is a bus that leaves from the bus station in Cambrils twice a day from Monday to Friday. Then Saturday and Sunday there is a bus that leaves once a day only. The bus journey takes approximately 20 minutes.

Operating hours:

Month Day Time
January - December Monday - Friday 13:15 and 18:30
Saturday 18:00
Sunday 18:00

Reus near Cambrils

Reus is not just the site of Cambrils' closest airport. It is also a place that has much of interest in its own right. We have created an entire website dedicated to Reus called Reus Tourist Guide. The city is famed for its importance to the modernist movement. The city is full of builldings indicative of the style made famous by the likes of Gaudí and Lluis Domenech i Montaner.

Tourist information in Reus (see contact details below) will provide you with a map of Reus showing a route that you can walk to take in 26 of the modernist buildings in the area.

Reus is also home to the Gaudí centre, where you can learn the history and reasoning behind his distinctive architectural style. The town centre has an impressive variety of shops and restaurants.

Gaudí Centre Reus
Tel: +34 97 701 0670

Tourist Information in Reus:
Tel: +34 97 701 0670

How to get to Reus from Cambrils

There are no trains between Cambrils and Reus.

There are buses that leave from the bus station in Cambrils every hour Monday - Friday, nine times a day on Saturdays and four times a day on Sundays and holidays. The bus journey takes approximately 30 minutes.

For details of the timetable, check the Official Autocars Plana Bus Website.

Montblanc near Cambrils

Montblanc is a small medieval town that sits close to Tarragona, less than an hour's drive from Cambrils. It was founded in the tweflth century by King Alfons I. It has a well-preserved medieval wall that dates back to the fourteenth century. It offers a variety of military and civil buildings. It is also surrounded by other villages of interest such as Lilla and Rojals.

Tourist Information in Montblanc
Tel: +34 97 786 1733

How to get to Montblanc from Cambrils

There are no trains between Cambrils and Montblanc.

There are also no buses that go directly to Montblanc from Cambrils. If you want to go via bus, it is necessary to take the bus to Tarragona and then another bus from Tarragona to Montblanc. See below for how to get from Cambrils to Tarragona. There are regular buses from Tarragona to Montblanc.

For details of the timetable, check the Official Autocars Plana Bus Website.

Priorat near Cambrils

Priorat is a region of Catalunya that is famed for its wine. It is a place to head for a spot of wine tasting. It is definitely useful to have a car to do this, as the vineyards can often be in obscure places that cannot be reached by public transport. If you wish to visit more than one vineyard it may also help to have a car to drive between tastings. The tourist information office in Cambrils can provide a very useful list of vineyards in the region. It provides their opening hours and telephone numbers. The staff in the tourist information office are generally very helpful and will call to make reservations for you if you ask them to.

Tip Many vineyards in Catalunya are not open to the public at weekends for wine tastings. Therefore, if you would like to take the wine route of Priorat it may be worth choosing to do it on a weekday. For some of the smaller vineyards it is often required that you call ahead to book a private viewing and tasting. It is normally fine to do this on the day of the visit. It can help to have a Spanish speaker with you when making these calls, as the owners of the vineyards do not always speak English.

Cambrils Tourist Information
Tel: +34 97 779 2307

Tarragona near Cambrils

Tarragona is another city that sits reasonably close to Cambrils - approximately a 30 minute drive away. It has something to offer for everybody - Roman ruins and history, a large commercial shopping centre, a picturesque port and art museums.

Tourist Information in Tarragona
Tel: +34 97 725 0795

How to get to Tarragona from Cambrils

Cambrils Train Station
Cambrils Train Station

There are trains between Cambrils and Tarragona that run approximately every hour. The journey lasts just under 20 minutes. For details of the timetable, check the Official Renfe Website.

There are also buses that go directly to Tarragona from Cambrils. They travel on a very regular basis every day of the week from the bus station in Cambril. The journey normally lasts about 30 minutes.

For details of the timetable, check the Official Autocars Plana Bus Website.

Tip If you are planning to go on various day trips from Cambrils, you may find the public transport from town slightly sporadic. It is worth considering hiring a car for your trip. There are no car rental companies actually in Cambrils itself, but there are quite a number of car hire companies in the surrounding area. For more details, see our Guide to Car Hire Near Cambrils.

Here I have covered some of the main possible day trips from Cambrils. There are many more options that are worth considering. You could be in Barcelona in less than two hours on the train. You could visit the ancient monastery of Montserrat. You could go cava tasting in Sant Sadurni d'Anoia. Cambrils offers a good base in a coastal location, allowing you to be a reasonable distance from some of the best that Catalunya has to offer.

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