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Aparthotels in Cambrils: Aparthotel Accommodation in Cambrils, Spain

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The Beach Front in Cambrils
The Beach Front in Cambrils
Aparthotels are an increasingly popular concept in Spain. Many people would argue that they offer the best of both worlds - the freedoom and space of an apartment with the security and services provided by a hotel.

In general, aparthotels provide an apartment style room, with a small kitchen area. They do not have breakfast and dinner services as they offer self-catering facilities. However, they do have a reception area and room cleaning services. Rooms can often be bigger than in normal hotels, allowing you to find space for all of the family.

Below you will find listings for an aparthotel in Cambrils.

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Aparthotel Olimar II

Aparthotel Olimar II
Carrer Colon, 3
Apartado Correos 163
43850 Cambrils, España.


Tel: +34 97 779 5566

Car parking

Car Park Car Parking Near To Hotel Olimar II
Number of Rooms: 148
Distance from the beach: 250 m

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Tip If you are looking for the independence and space that an apartment can provide, it may also be worth considering the apartment options in Cambrils. There are nearly twenty apartment rental companies in Cambrils offering hundreds of apartment options in the town. For more information, see our Guide to Apartment Rental in Cambrils.

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