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Guide to Accommodation Options in Cambrils, Spain

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Hotel Best, Cambrils
Hotel Best, Cambrils
Deciding what accommodation to opt for during your holiday is not always easy. It's a matter of weighing up the pros and cons of each option. It is also a case of investigating what options are most available to you.

On this page we have provided details of each accommodation option in Cambrils and how common it is.

This page will provide an overview of your accommodation options during a stay in Cambrils. It covers accommodation in hotels, apartments, villas, campsites and aparthotels.

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Hotels in Cambrils

Hotels are one of the most popular forms of accommodation in Cambrils. There are more than 7,000 beds in the hotels across Cambrils.

The long 7 km Avenida Diputacio that links Cambrils to its neighbouring Salou is lined with hotels of all shapes and sizes that come alive in the summer months. These hotels do not always offer close proximity to the centres of either Cambrils or Salou. However, they are within easy walking distance of the beach. Some of them are even in beachfront locations.

When you are booking these hotels, you will find that during the summer months many of them are booked through package deals. Therefore, once you have found the hotel of your choice, it may be worth seeing if you can find package deals that offer that hotel as an option.

We have provided listings for Cambrils' one to four star hotels. For each listing, we have provided the address, telephone number, fax number, official website address and e-mail address. It also lists the opening times of the hotel, the number of rooms that it has and the distance that it sits from the sea.

We have also completed reviews of some of the most popular hotels in Cambrils: Augustus Hotel, Princess Hotel (Best Cambrils), Cesar Augustus Hotel, Daurada Park Hotel, Princep Hotel, Sol Port and Port Vinyols. These reviews provide details as to the rooms in the hotel, the pool and other general facilities, facilities for disabled travellers, facilities for businesses, and what can be found in the area surrounding the hotel. There are also descriptions on how to get to the hotels from Cambrils train station.

The Hotels Directory Page provides links to hotel listings and the hotel reviews.

Apartments in Cambrils

Arbó Group Offices, Cambrils
Arbó Group Offices, Cambrils

According to tourist information, Cambrils can accommodate approximately 6,000 people in holiday apartments throughout the year. You cannot walk down a street in Cambrils town centre without coming across a company dealing with short stay apartment rental. Holiday apartments are big business in this town. Particularly to the East of Cambrils' port area (the opposite side to Salou), you will see rows and rows of holiday apartments that offer direct access to the beachfront. These can vary in size, and you should be able to find an apartment that suits - whether you are a couple looking to enjoy a private break or a large family who need to find somewhere to house the whole rabble!

The standard of the apartments can vary, so it is worth doing some shopping around to find the right sort of apartment for you. If you are in search of a more genuinely Spanish experience, you are likely to prefer the apartments that are more in the centre of Cambrils' port area or (even more so) in its old town. These apartments are more likely to be in older buildings. If, on the other hand, you are in search of a reliable holiday apartment, the ones on the beachfront are more likely to suit your needs - a lot of these are new builds with modern style and facilities. Some of the more modern apartments are also more likely to have private pools.

For listings of apartment rental companies in Cambrils, with addresses, telephone numbers, fax numbers, e-mail addresses and official websites, see our apartments in Cambrils page.

Villas in Cambrils

There are fewer villas available in Cambrils than apartments. However, you will still find that there are villas available to rent in and around Cambrils.

Cambrils Tourist Information cannot provide listings for the villa companies in Cambrils, but they explain that the larger apartment rental companies also offer villa rental. Therefore, if you are looking for a villa to rent, do not presume that a company does not also offer villas simply because it advertises itself as an apartment rental company.

For a listing of villa rental companies in Cambrils, with addresses, telephone numbers, fax numbers, e-mail addresses and official websites, see our Villas in Cambrils page.

Campsites in Cambrils

Amfora D'Arcs Camping, Cambrils
Amfora D'Arcs Camping, Cambrils

Cambrils is home to 3,755 camping pitches and 534 bungalows, making space for a total of 17,000 people in its campsites. Therefore, it is clear that camping in Cambrils is a popular accommodation option.

In Catalunya, campsites are graded by the Tourist Board of the Catalan Regional Government. There are seven campsites in Cambrils. One of these is what is described as a 'deluxe' campsite - Cambrils Park. Four fall into the category of; 'second class' campsites (see below) and two are described as 'third-class' campsites. You should not always presume that the campsites in lower categories have less to offer you - different campsites simply offer different advantages and disadvantages.

When choosing your campsite it is important that you look carefully at its location. Options such as the luxury Cambrils Park Luxe work on the assumption that you will not be spending much time away from the campsite. They provide everything from kids clubs, to a selection of pools, to evening entertainment and restaurants. For this reason, they sit further from the beach. If you are more interested in a normal beach holiday, you can choose campsites such as Joan Camping (a 'second class' campsite), that is located on the beachfront. Their amenities will be simpler, but you will be in easy walking distance of the beach.

Bungalows are also a popular and convenient option for campers in Cambrils. These bungalows can vary in standard and price. Some will offer all of the mod cons, such as a television, air conditioning and a microwave, whilst others are more basic - like a shack. The differences in standards of the bungalows will, of course, be reflected in the price.

For listings of the campsites in Cambrils, with descriptions of each campsite, addresses, telephone numbers, fax numbers, e-mail addresses and official websites, see our Guide to Camping in Cambrils.

Aparthotels in Cambrils

Aparthotels are a new and increasingly popular type of accommodation. As their name suggests, they fall somewhere between an apartment and a hotel. They still have a front desk, room service and cleaners, like a hotel. However, they do not generally have restaurants. They also look a bit more like apartments - they often have more space than hotel rooms (with numerous rooms, suitable for families) and provide a small kitchen area so that you can do your own self-catering.

Cambrils hosts a total of two aparthotels. They are both located less than 300 metres from the beach.

For listings of aparthotels in Cambrils, with addresses, telephone numbers, fax numbers, e-mail addresses and official websites, see our Guide to Aparthotels in Cambrils.

Cambrils is a town that relies heavily on its tourist trade. Therefore, it offers a good selection of accommodation options at competitive prices. Different accommodation options are likely to appeal to and be practical for different travellers. Have a shop around and consider your options before coming to a definite decision.

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